Every size is possible, we haven’t encountered a project we can’t handle. For custom size, larger projects, we have engineering resources that validate the build before we even collect a deposit. We can even cover your entire pool if you chose to use it in winter.

Please see Technicals Page for a complete guide.

Standard colors are: Black, White, Grey and then almost any color scheme you can think of. Other colors might take an extra 2-4 weeks for delivery.

All our components are covered with high grade Powder Coating. Powder-Coats are known for keeping their color for at least 10 years before even the slightest discoloration, if any.

Two above average handymen (or women) can install it in a day. The bigger sizes might take an extra half day. It was designed with the average person in mind. If you want to be safe, we have installers that will do a guaranteed job. Installation prices range from five hundred to over a thousand dollars for larger projects.

Expect to have Mr. Pergola installed in 2-4 weeks. Slight variation during peak season. The sooner you reserve, the better.

Mr. Pergola is ready to accept roller based hooking system that can hang curtains. You can buy your own mosquito curtains, or we can have a custom sized one made for you. Delivery is an additional three weeks if not ordered at the same time as pergola.

Yes, Mr. Pergola was specially built to handle an array of accessories. Including heater, hammock, mosquito netting, corner tables and more coming soon!

Unfortunately not. The weight requirements are so high that we must have it on 4 posts. The pergola will be very close/almost touching the house where it will look as one. Nevertheless, the 4 post are mandatory since our updated design where the snow load is up to 15000lbs per 250 sq feet. Previous versions were available attached to the house.

We offer a 10 year limited warrantee. Built strong to handle North American climate. From blazing sun to blistering cold and snow. Commercial grade powder coating and Grade:6063 Canadian Aluminum will make your outdoor pristine for years!