The lead engineer Mr. Juneau has 35 years experience as an Industrial Designer and worked on the project over 1000 hours ensuring simplicity yet strength in design. One of his main tasks was simplifying the design to make sure that two slightly above average handy people can put Mr. Pergola up in a day (6-8hrs)… Even though we have experienced installers, it is possible for two handy-people to get the project done in a day or less.

Profile view of the soldiers/louvres. Our ‘soldiers’ are made of 6063-T6 Aluminum and are 1.75” wide.

Each louvre has 3 soldiers. Pergola is tested to 150km/hr with louvres open. 


Our vertical post is designed for sheer strength and functionality. It serves as the base for most of our attachments. We added a 4×4” high strength steel vertical insert, the post is made of 66081 T6 (6061) Aluminum. The flowerpot, the hammock and outdoor kitchen attachments are designed to work with this post.  

Brackets and Reinforcements:

Mr Pergola does not, simply cannot, use common brackets as our competitors do. They have no snow load bearing capacity whatsoever. We had to design and manufacture special brackets for our system. Remember, Mr Pergola can handle 60lbs of snow/snow-ice mix/ice per square foot.

Here is a snapshot of the load bearing capabilities, in engineering terms:

  • 18 inches for hard snow (4 kN /m3 ), for coastal region and where rainfall is abundant in winter.
  • 24 inches for medium snow (3 kN /m3 ), average density of snow in Canada. (Snowball)
  • 36 inches for soft snow (2 kN /m3 ). Light snow.

 Our brackets are made of 1/8” to 1/4 “ steel with most having some form of welding. (pictures below).

The extrusions are reinforced with hard steel flat bars, in vertical position, to get the full 3” worth of strength.  The entire pergola is held together using L8 bolts. All our steel reinforcement are Powder Coated to make sure there is no corrosion.

This profile view of the inner frame shows the ‘truss’ system we used to achieve the weight
requirements dictated by the Canadian Building Code.

Here is an inside-outward view of our monster sized welded corner bracket. Under that bracket, inside
the 66081 Aluminum is a 4”x4” steel tube going all the way to the foot of the system.

Here is another view of the connection between the inner frame and outer frame. If you look closely you
can see the 4 vertical flat bars inserted in each of the 3.5” extrusions.


All of this is done with one overarching goal, to use your terrace, your barbecue all winter long!